CodeNEXT Report of November 2015 Sound Check

This is a report received from CodeNEXT about the Sound Check held in November 2015:

The November 2015 CodeNEXT Sound Check gave code-writing pros the opportunity to test development concepts. Austinites converged on the Linc to participate in pin-up sessions and various workshops.

A recently released report ( details the results as well as offers insight on next steps. At the Sound Check, the CodeNEXT team evaluated draft code standards within specific focus areas, incorporating a series of “What if” or “How might we” exercises.

In the upcoming months, the CodeNEXT team will release Code Prescription papers. These papers will explain how the new code will address the following areas of concern: built and natural environment; mobility; household affordability; and fiscal health.


The following is a Communications & Public Information from City of Austin

Share your thoughts on Parking and Transit

Saturday, Feb. 20
• 2 p.m. – Genuine Joe Coffeehouse – 2001 W. Anderson Lane, 78757

What challenges do you experience getting to the areas of town that you want to go?

For what purposes do you or would you like to use public transportation?

When, where and how much are you willing to pay for parking?

During February, the partnering agencies of Conversation Corps invite everyone to join an important dialogue about some of the transportation obstacles this rapidly growing city is facing. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of each other’s thoughts about the challenges of parking and transit. Themes from the conversation will be delivered to the City’s Austin Transportation Department and Capital Metro.

We saved a seat for you!

Saturday, Feb. 20
• 2 p.m. – Genuine Joe Coffeehouse – 2001 W. Anderson Lane, 78757

Other locations may be added. Find more information at


Neighbors are encouraged to take the Capitol Metro Survey and participate in the open houses outlined in the following which was copied from a communication received from Capitol Metro. Also, a representative from Capitol Metro will give a brief presentation on Connections2025 at the NSCNA General Membership Meeting on March 1 in the Pillow Elementary School cafeteria.

“Capital Metro Needs Neighborhood
Help Rethinking Our System in 2016!

While Capital Metro works year-round to improve service for our customers, every five years we step back for a big-picture look at our changing region through a comprehensive service plan. This year we’re embarking on Connections2025, an in-depth review
of the transit system. As the Central Texas community evolves,
so will the transit needs and services provided by the agency.

Neighborhood input is critical to providing transportation options
that work for Central Texas residents and employees. We want
to better understand your neighborhood’s travel patterns, how
people use transit, and what we can do to improve.

We need you!

Capital Metro invites you complete our online survey or
participate in open houses held across Austin between February 16th and 20th to provide valuable input. Information will be
available in Spanish.

We are asking our neighborhood partners to pass this information along to your internal contact lists, social media platforms, etc.

Visit to:
• Take our online survey
• Sign up for the project email list
• Continuing project updates

March / April Neighborhood Organization Meeting

We’d like to schedule time for our staff to attend one of your
regular meetings to provide a 10-minute Connections 2025
briefing and discuss your neighborhood’s thoughts on transit.
If you would like schedule a time with our staff in March or April, please contact us one week in advance.

Thank You!

Our system best serves our community when we work together
with our neighbors. We need your help rethinking transit!

Feel free to contact us with questions or for more information. If there are other individuals you recommend that we talk to, please pass their contact information along.

You can reach us at Feedback [at] Connections2025 [dot] org.”



NSNCA President Amelia Cobb announced that the 2012 request filed by Evelin Nunes for traffic calming along Primrose has been funded. City Council Member Leslie Pool’s office included the project in a list of improvements to be funded from District 7’s share of Cap Metro money recently distributed among Austin’s council districts.

It will be a Local Area Traffic Management Program (LATM) project and will be subject to the procedures of that program. For more info on the City’s LATM Program, please follow this link:

Evelin Nunes and Tomas Rodriguez, chair of NSCNA’s Traffic Committee, spoke about North Shoal Creek’s experience with traffic calming. Tomas described the speed cushions and traffic circle that will soon be installed on Rockwood north of Steck. This project is also funded with LATM Program money.
Sharon Justice, NSCNA’s Media Chair, distributed handouts describing several ways to calm traffic and listing sites and documents that provide clear and concise introductions to traffic calming techniques. She urged neighbors to educate themselves about traffic calming so they’ll be better prepared to take part in the LATM planning process. These handouts can be viewed at the following links:


Traffic Meeting References

ity Council Member Leslie Pool’s Policy Advisor on Zoning and Land Use, Louisa Brinsmade, spoke about the neighborhood’s traffic problem and answered questions about mitigating it. She also brought handouts showing examples of safely integrating pedestrians, bikers, and traffic.
It was clear from the questions and comments that people living along these streets are frustrated and angry with the traffic situation and that they see McCann as the source of the problem. One suggestion for mitigating the problem was to speed up traffic by making two lanes of the eastbound frontage road right turns onto Burnet. The most popular suggestion was to keep drivers from turning from McCann onto Thrushwood; drivers could still access the businesses on McCann from 183 but southbound access to Thrushwood would be blocked. Speakers also stressed the need for additional enforcement of traffic laws and more police presence.
Additional comments and suggestions were 1) need for sidewalks; 2) remind Town North Nissan about not test driving cars through the neighborhood; 3) add signs for residential street parking; and 4) use neighborhood association money if city funding isn’t available.
A sign-up sheet for a committee to work with the City’s Transportation Dept. during the LATM project was passed around. Evelin Nunes will chair that committee because she filed the LATM request and therefore is the City’s contact person for the project.
Louisa Brinsmade said the possibility of partially closing McCann can’t be part of the LATM project, but the neighborhood can pursue it as a goal if they want to. There is a precedent for a similar closure on MoPac at Palma Plaza and Newfield Lane (near Enfield and MoPac).
The meeting adjourned about 8:15. The restaurant was noisy, which made it difficult to hear what speakers said. Future meetings will be held in a quieter location.


The following people were elected officers and directors of the North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association at NSCNA’s January 5, 2016 General Membership Meeting. Please feel free to contact them with neighborhood related questions and issues using the email addresses listed below. Emails addressed to directors [at] nscna [dot] org will go to all seven directors plus the four officers. Directors do not have individual email addresses.

PRESIDENT: Amelia Cobb president [at] nscna [dot] org

VICE-PRESIDENT: Sarah Brandon vp [at] nscna [dot] org

SECRETARY: Barbara Gaston secretary [at] nscna [dot] org

TREASURER: Donna Eagar treasurer [at] nscna [dot] org

DIRECTORS: directors [at] nscna [dot] org

• Ernie Garcia
• Sharon Justice
• Evelin Nunes
• Vannezsa Smith
• Kenneth Webb
• Lauren Werchan
• Mike Yetter



The annual General Membership Meeting of the North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association will be held:
When: Tuesday, January 5, 2016, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.
Where: Pillow Elementary School Cafeteria, 3025 Crosscreek Drive.

In addition to normal business the agenda will include:
— Election and installation of officers and board of directors for 2016. Nominees selected by the Nominating Committee are:
President: Amelia Cobb
Vice President: Sarah Brandon
Secretary: Barbara Gaston
Treasurer: Donna Eager
Ernie Garcia
Sharon Justice
Evelin Nunes
Vannezsa Smith
Kenneth Webb
Lauren Werchan
Mike Yetter



The track will be illuminated with hundreds of luminarias. Relax and reflect while strolling about the circle of light, then take it easy while enjoying cookies and hot chocolate with your neighbors.

The Social Committee needs volunteers to help fill the sacks with sand, add tea lights, and set the luminarias around the track. We’ll gather at 4:00 p.m. for set up under the Pavilion at the back of the school.

If you would like to help with set up or clean up, please contact Amelia Cobb at social [at] nscna [dot] org or 512-364-5519


Austin Oaks Charrette Neighborhood Update

Save the Date:  During the week of January 24‐29, 2016, the owner of the Austin Oaks site and the neighborhood stakeholders surrounding the site will participate in a design charrette in a collaborative effort to create a consensus‐based design for the site. Both the owner and the neighborhood representatives working on the charrette planning see this as an opportunity to use innovative collaborative design as a means of moving forward.

Austin Oaks is a 31‐acre office park located at the southwest corner of Spicewood Springs Road and Mopac. The development, built between 1973 and 1985, currently includes 12 buildings and encompasses 445,322 square feet. It features many heritage trees, providing the neighborhoods with an office complex that blends in with the community.

The property was purchased in 2013 by Twelve Lakes LLC, an affiliate of Spire Realty Group. In 2014, Spire sought to rezone the property to redevelop the site as a Planned Unit Development (PUD) with approximately 1.6 million square feet of office and retail uses, and several hundred apartments. The proposal and its impacts sparked neighborhood opposition to the rezoning.

At the suggestion of neighborhood representatives, Spire agreed to engage in an alternative to conventional negotiations for the redevelopment of the property and try a design‐based approach:  a Design Charrette.  A charrette is a multi‐day design exercise that brings neighbors together with a multidisciplinary team of designers, engineers, and other specialists to produce a design for the property.  During the charrette, the designers and charrette participants plan the site using a collaborative process. Throughout the process, participants provide input, ideas, and feedback to the design team. Various redevelopment scenarios are reviewed against agreed‐upon objectives and measures, refining and revising as appropriate.

Neighborhood representatives and the owner have hired Doug Farr, FAIA, , from Chicago as the design facilitator for the charrette, and the Austin firm TBG Partnershp: http://tbg‐ has been hired as the design team. Doug Farr and the professionals at TBG are among leading urban design architects and landscape architects in the United States.

The charrette is scheduled for January 24‐29, 2016 at the Austin Oaks site (3721 Executive Center Dr., Suite 264‐Meredith Building). Prior to the charrette week, there will be neighborhood meetings, including two workshops that gather neighborhood input on vision and values regarding the site. After the charrette, the owner and neighborhood representatives will use the output of the charrette to collaboratively develop the zoning ordinance to be proposed to the City for the redevelopment by February 26, 2016.

More information on the charrette process may be found on the NWACA website at and on the National Charrette Institute website at

Important Dates
Community Information Meetings: Please attend one of these meetings to learn about the process and how neighbors can contribute to the Vision and Values Workshops.
Neighborhood representatives will be there to provide information and answer questions.
♦ Tuesday, December 1st 6‐8 PM at St. Mathew’s Episcopal Church, Room B‐18,   located at 8134 Mesa Drive
♦ Wednesday, December 2nd 11:30 AM‐1:30 PM at St. Mathew’s Episcopal Church, Room B‐18, located at 8134 Mesa Drive.
Neighborhood Vision and Values Workshops: Please participate in one of these meetings to provide input.
♦ Wednesday, December 16th 6‐9 PM at St. Mathew’s Episcopal Church, Huffman Hall, located at 8134 Mesa Drive
♦ Tuesday, January 12th 11:30 AM‐1:30 PM at Austin Board of Realtors, Auditorium A,
located at 4800 Spicewood Springs Road

Charrette Design Workshop: Additional information is forthcoming about how neighbors can participate, as the workshop schedule is finalized.
♦ January 24‐29th at Austin Oaks Meredith Building (Building #11), Suite 264, located at 3721 Executive Center Drive
Mission Statement for the Austin Oaks Charrette: Create a redevelopment plan for the Austin Oaks site that satisfies the values of the neighborhood stakeholders and is economically feasible.

For more information, please contact us at aocharretteinfo [at] gmail [dot] com

ver. 11/19/15


The following information is copied from a communication received from the City CodeNEXT team:

CodeUPDATE set for Sept. 29, 7 pm to 8 pm at the Dougherty Arts Center.

From Nov. 16-21, the CodeNEXT workshop will kick the tires on possible alterations of the land development code.

Want a sneak peek? Plan to attend the Sept. 29 CodeUPDATE, taking place from 7 pm to 8 pm at the Dougherty Arts Center ( (1110 Barton Springs Rd. ( ). The CodeUPDATE will explore the workshop’s purpose and desired outcomes.

During the November workshop, members of the CodeNEXT team will test and refine draft development standards using focus areas that represent place types across Austin. Lunchtime presentations, daily open studio sessions and “pin-ups” are just some of the “Open to the public” activities planned.

The data gained will be used to complete the Administrative Draft Code (scheduled for Winter 2015) and the subsequent Public Draft Code (scheduled for Fall 2016).

** October’s Coffee & CodeNEXT

Each month, members of the CodeNEXT team will set up shop at locations across the city.

Why? We want to hear from you. Take this opportunity to share personal experiences with the current land development code as well as offer opinions about how the new code should be shaped.

October’s “Coffee & CodeNEXT,” taking place from 9 am to 10 am on Oct. 8, will be hosted by Stouthaus Coffee Pub ( , located on 4715 S Lamar Blvd., #102.