North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Plan Draft Future Land Use Map (FLUM)

North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Plan Draft Future Land Use Map (FLUM)


Residential Core (Yellow)

  • Characteristic of most single-family areas
  • Can include houses of worship, libraries, parks, schools, fire stations, etc.
  • Specific character will vary in different parts of Austin

Neighborhood Transition (Gold)

  • Mostly residential
  • Serves as a buffer between more and less intense areas
  • Wide variety of housing (apartments, cottage courts, townhouses, row houses, etc.)
  • Depending on local conditions — a small amount offices/ local-serving commercial

Neighborhood Node (Light Purple)

  • Mixed use district
  • Neighborhood-scaled
  • Commercial and mixed use buildings
  • Townhouses, row houses, and/or apartments
  • Ideally served by transit

Mixed Use Activity Corridor (Blue)

  • Imagine Austin
  • Linear and mixed use
  • Shopping, jobs, services, entertainment, education, parks, houses of worship, variety of housing types
  • Well-served by transit

Commerce (Dark Purple)

  • Primarily commercial/office
  • Automobile-oriented; located on freeways or frontage roads
  • Not well-suited for residential
  • Large shopping centers, hotels, car dealerships, office parks, etc.

Industrial (Gray)

  • Manufacturing, warehousing, R & D, packaging, etc.
  • Located across the city
  • Not compatible with residential uses

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