From Austin’s Planning Dept.: Public input on Draft 2 will be taken through Tuesday, Oct. 31. After that, staff will start working on their recommendation, which will be presented and considered for action by the Land Use Commission and the City Council.

We have one open house remaining: Southeast Austin: 10 a.m. to Noon Saturday, Oct. 28, at Dove Springs Rec Center, 5801 Ainez Drive. Children’s activities will be available. Language services will be available in Spanish.

We also have several other ways you can provide input through Oct. 31:
. You can leave a comment on the draft code.
. You can leave a comment on the map.
. You can make an appointment for office hours to speak one-on-one with a code writer.

Those and other ways to engage and learn more about CodeNEXT are available on our website:

..Zoning Framework Tables: As requested, we have posted our Zoning Framework Tables to the CodeNEXT website.

These tables allow for a comparison of site development standards across multiple zoning districts as proposed in Draft 2 of CodeNEXT.

Note: This is not code content but rather a useful way to visually compare across zones in greater detail than is contained in the Code Draft Preview Document.

. Draft 2 Mapping Process: A 13-page document outlining the process staff used to develop mapping for Draft 2 of CodeNEXT is available on our website.

This document summarizes staff’s approach to mapping CodeNEXT and includes a summary of guiding principles, the process to mapping Draft 1, a summary of map changes from Draft 1 to Draft 2, as well as a Zoning Conversion Guide. Staff considered a variety of factors and guiding principles in their mapping process.

Staff’s approach to mapping will continue to evolve and develop, informed by ongoing work within CodeNEXT. Further, initial mapping efforts will serve to inform later efforts and may also identify areas where amendments to the zoning code are necessary.

. CodeNEXT blog: Since our last newsletter, the following blogs have been posted to the website:

How land use and our work in CodeNEXT can help support mobility.

Additionally, we will be posting a blog recapping all six of our community meetings and the themes of the questions we received. Look for that on our News page in coming weeks, and right here in an upcoming newsletter.

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