Planning Commission Revisions To North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Plan, June 12, 2018

Planning Commission Revisions To North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Plan, June 12, 2018

On a 10-2 vote, the Austin Planning Commission approved the following changes to our plan at its June 12 meeting:

1) Change zoning along Steck Avenue to allow missing middle housing (missing middle housing includes duplexes, bungalow courts, carriage houses, courtyard apartments, live/work, and small multiplexes)

2) Allow accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and duplexes throughout the neighborhood (currently, both SF-2 and SF-3 single family zoning exist in North Shoal Creek; ADUs and duplexes are allowed only on lots zoned SF-3; this change would allow ADUs and duplexes on lots zoned SF-2 as well)

3) As redevelopment occurs, improve connectivity when possible between the residential core and the outer edges of the neighborhood

These changes are the same as were recommended by the Small Area Planning Joint Committee (SAPJC) — which is comprised of both Planning Commission and Zoning and Platting Commission members — at its May 15 meeting. They are considerably less consequential than the changes proposed by some Planning Commissioners during their initial April 24 discussion. One such proposal, for example, called for up-zoning both Rockwood and Steck to allow missing middle housing. The SAPJC removed Rockwood from consideration for this up-zoning.

Our plan, as amended above, will go before the Austin City Council on August 9. Between now and then, Development Committee members will lobby council members to pass our plan as originally agreed to by neighborhood stakeholders and Planning and Zoning Department staff (i.e., without the three changes listed above).  We need to have a strong show of support for our plan as originally written when council members begin discussing it on August 9. The Development Committee will arrange for a car pool to City Hall that day. Please participate – we need as many residents as possible in city council chambers for the August 9 discussion and vote.

Please note: This report is based on the video of the June 12 meeting posted at It should be regarded as preliminary until confirmation of the Planning Commission’s changes are received in writing from the City or until official minutes of the meeting are posted online.

Three pages are affected by these changes; a copy of each revised page is included below. Changes are highlighted in yellow.


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