Corrections to October 2021 newsletter issue

Corrections to October 2021 newsletter issue

I inadvertently used an out-of-date bio for Pam Ferguson’s article on page 12, “Tips on volunteering, donating.” Here’s the up-to-date one:

Pamela Ellen Ferguson, a longtime resident of Kerrybrook Lane, writes a column of observations about North Shoal Creek and the larger world for each issue. A dual-national British and American (Texan father, Cornish mother) Pam is the author of 11 books published internationally, the most recent being CROSSING LINES, an Austin and Border based mystery set at Halloween/Dia de Los Muertos. Pam welcomes comments via email at Pamelacudot [at] gmail [dot] com. Her web-site is

Also on page 12, column 2, under “Further ideas,” the date for the Austin tan Cerca de la Frontera‘s annual “Women and Fair Trade” fair is November 20 (not Nov. 21) at the First Unitarian Universalist Church, 4700 Grover Avenue at 49th Street. Volunteers are needed to help set up and take down. The fair is a great place to find handicrafts from women’s collectives in Texas, Central and South America. Call 512-474-2399 or visit website

Sharon Justice, Editor, North Shoal Creek Neighborhood News

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