Deed Restrictions

Deed Restrictions

What is a Deed Restriction? They are restrictions placed within a deed that control the use of the property, which bind all future owners. Legally binding rules for the building and maintenance of homes and properties. Deed Restrictions are different from the Code of Ordinances the City of Austin enforces.

The area bounded by Burnet Road, Mopac, Anderson Lane and Research Blvd has been known by a number of names: Northtowne, Northtowne West, Allandale Estates, Allandale Place, Northwest Terrace and Cottages of North Shoal Creek. Each name represents a different area of development that as a whole constitutes the North Shoal Creek Neighborhood. Each subdivision has its own set of deed restrictions listed below. First, figure out which subdivision your house is part of using the map below.

A map of each subdivision and the dates when they were built. (Click map to enlarge)

Deed Restrictions

Once you know which subdivision your house is in, you will find a number of documents under the subdivision name. Some subdivisions have multiple Sections and hence, more deed restriction documents. Some also contain plat maps. Most of these documents were written back in the early 60’s when the subdivisions were first being built. The text portion of the documents describes specific items and actions that are prohibited. Examples are things like the height of allowable fences, no poultry allowed on the premises, you cannot subdivide your property, etc. etc.

Allandale Estates

Allandale Place

North Shoal Creek Estates


Northtowne West

Northwest Terrace