North Shoal Creek Takes a Bite Out of Crime!

With hot dogs grilled by Stillwood neighbor, John Anderson, and a very cool dog that “stole the show” from APD’s K9 Unit led by Sgt. Mike Fitzgerald, North Shoal Creek neighbors celebrated National Night Out in a big way at Pillow Elementary! Austin Fire Department brought their impressive ladder truck and gave away two fire extinguishers courtesy of Lowes. APD District Rep James Hellums hung out with us as we discussed current crime issues and the need for our neighborhood to be aware of crime activity that happens around us, the importance of reporting crime to 911 or 311, and a sense of community that allows us to know and watch out for each other.

Click here for photos of the event.

Special thanks to Bryan Hardeman and the Austin Infiniti Dealership on Burnet Rd for his financial support of this event. Debbie Luna from Randolph Brooks was on hand to help with water bottles, glow necklaces and some gift certificates to Target and Home Depot. Special thanks to Lowes for door prizes: two personal safes, a motion detector floodlight, two fire extinguishers. Cothrons Lock and Key gave us two combination key holders. Austin Energy gave us energy efficient light bulbs to remind us about turning on our porch lights to fight crime at night. Also in kind donations were made by Dairy Queen, Mrs. Baird’s Bread, Sonic, Picky’s Pantry at Steck and Burnet.

Extra special thanks to the whole Anderson family: John and Denise, Caleb, Ben, Lauren and Arial, who presided as our hosts that evening and made the event go so smoothly. Thanks to Linda Wilson for her assistance with checking people in and making them feel welcomed. Thanks to Malcolm St. Romain for his assistance with the presentation, not to mention his “neighborhood event” sized grill.

There were 126 attendees including a baby less than a year old, all the way to Flossie Sweat, 100 year old resident of our neighborhood who still lives in her own house, who found the time, motivation and strength to come and participate in National Night Out. We were honored by her presence.

Stillwood residents won the energy efficient bulbs for having the highest number of attendees.

Thanks to everyone who made it a success!!!

North Shoal Creek Takes a Bite Out of Crime!