Village Shopping Center Redevelopment

Village Shopping Center Redevelopment

The shopping center just to the south of our neighborhood, The Village, was sold to Capital City Partners in October of 2007. What impact will this have on the North Shoal Creek neighborhood? The new owners are planning a Vertical Mixed Use project that would completely change the face of The Village as we know it.

Some numbers to consider:

Currently the Village is developed to 147,000 square feet of retail.

Proposed development:

645,000 square feet of retail, residential and commercial
410 residential units averaging 910 square feet to a maximum of 2100 square feet
1247 parking spaces on the ground and in garages up to 6 stories tall
6 screen movie theatre built out on a second level
88,000 square feet of office space
97,000 square feet of commercial space
27,000 square foot fitness facility

This shopping center was built in the early 1970’s and is in need of revitalization. The anchor tenant will be the Alamo Draft House. While there has been no site plan filed, the folks with Capital City Partners have some general ideas of what they plan on building. This project will not be completed in its entirety for some years to come as many of the tenants have a few years left on their leases. The new owners are in talks with the current tenants about the possibilities of inclusion in the new development.

Most of the concerns we have heard from residents involve the northern portion of the project that borders eleven houses on Ashdale. The early project plans call for 2-story buildings and parking garages 25 feet from the property boundary on the north side escalating to 6 stories of buildings and parking garages in the middle of the property. We are currently working toward a compromise that would shield these houses from the site views of these structures.

Some of the other compromises we are proposing include noise abatement, dumpster placement/pick-up times and a restriction on the kinds of retail businesses that would be allowed to sign leases.

Capital City Partners needs to go before the City Planning Commission in the near future to get approval for the zoning change from GR to GR-VMU. They have agreed to meet with the members of the neighborhood before the Planning Commission hearing to listen to our concerns and to consider concessions that will make this a friendlier neighborhood project.

You are encouraged to attend this meeting to hear what is planned and to voice your concerns. The meeting is scheduled on Monday, February 4th at 6:30 pm in the Village shopping center, Suite 105 (directly behind Fuddrucker’s). For more information please visit the North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association website at The Village Redevelopment article is currently on the home page.

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