From the Beautification Committee: Help keep our sidewalks and right-of-ways clear

Hi Neighbors!

It has been brought to the attention of the Beautification Committee that not everyone is following the City of Austin’s guidelines about keeping grass and weeds in yards properly trimmed and keeping sidewalks and streets free from nearby vegetation. Here’s a link to the City’s website where you can see what those guidelines are:

The website includes a very helpful brochure which you can download yourself, or pick up a copy of at NSCNA’s general membership meeting on Nov. 5, in the Library at Pillow Elementary School.

Here’s a quick guide to keeping the right-of-way clear:
• Sidewalks: Limbs and vegetation must be trimmed back from the edge of and at least 8 feet above sidewalk.
• Streets/Alleys: Limbs and vegetation must be trimmed back from the curbline (the edge of a street or alley) and at least 14 feet above a street or alley.
• Grass and Weeds: Maintain grass and weeds at a maximum height of 12 inches throughout property to the edge of the street or alley.
• Corners: Maintain vegetation at a maximum of 2 feet above ground within a 10 foot setback from the curbline and 40 feet along the curbline from the street intersection.
• Fire Hydrants: Remove trees or plants within 5 feet of fire hydrants.

Please keep in mind that property owners are responsible for their trees and other vegetation in the public right-of-way next to their property. Overgrown vegetation can limit the use of sidewalks, trails, streets and alleys, and can also threaten public safety by blocking from view traffic signs, signals, vehicles, walkers or cyclists. You can enhance neighborhood safety by simply trimming or removing vegetation that obstructs or grows into sidewalks, streets or alleys.

Here are some options if you notice overgrown trees or vegetation that may be a safety hazard or code violation:

  • Speak to the individual homeowner if you are comfortable doing so.
  •  Give out brochures to help educate and inform residents in North Shoal Creek.
  •  Email beautification [at] nscna [dot] org with any concerns so we can help address them directly.
  •  Dial 3-1-1 to report concerns about trees, tall grass and weeds more than 12 inches in height and all other vegetation blocking the public right-of-way.

Let’s all work together to keep North Shoal Creek’s sidewalks, streets and right-of-ways safe, accessible, and attractive. Thank you!

From the Beautification Committee: Help keep our sidewalks and right-of-ways clear