The following communication from the City of Austin Auditor’s Office is posted for information:

“Dear Neighborhood Association and Community Organization:

SUBJECT: Redistricting Process-Help Shape Austin’s Future at

The City Auditor’s Office has launched a citywide community outreach campaign for the City’s redistricting process. The City Auditor is looking for volunteers to serve on the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission and the Applicant Review Panel.

Redistricting is the process for residents to redraw the boundaries of the council districts every ten years. The boundaries of the council districts affect how residents are represented for the next decade.

The Commission will be responsible for redrawing the City Council districts.

The City Auditor is asking organizations to encourage their members to participate in this important process by applying for either the Applicant Review Panel or the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. Residents can find information on the process, applicant qualifications, and an online application at

The 14-member Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission will be responsible for redrawing the boundaries of the council districts.

The Applicant Review Panel will select 60 of the most qualified applicants for the redistricting commission, from which the 14 members will be selected. Three independent auditors with CPAs will be selected to serve on the panel.

The redistricting process happens every ten years and coincides with the census. In 2012, Austin voters elected to move to single members districts from an at-large system. The ten City Council districts were initially created in 2013 by a diverse group of Austin residents who serve on the historic Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Applications will be accepted for the Applicant Review Panel through Sept. 1. The Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission application period ends Sept. 30. The Commission will be formed in early 2021, the work begins Mar. 1 and continues through Nov. 2021 with the new districts in effect in Nov. 2022.

If you would like to host a virtual presentation with the Auditor’s Office, please send an email to or call 512-974-2805.

Thank you for your time, and let us know if we can be of service regarding this important redistricting process to help shape Austin’s future.


Corrie Stokes

City Auditor”