Google Fiber Installation Has Begun In North Shoal Creek

Four NSCNA Board Members recently had a Zoom meeting with Google representative Daniel Lucio; here’s what we learned from the meeting:

. They are starting on Crosscreek, and are using two contractors: Quanta, which is working on Crosscreek and will move west from there; and BComm, which will start work this week and move east from Rockwood. Trenching, laying the fiber, and cleaning-up is expected to take about 4 weeks, although another estimate says that North Shoal Creek should be completed by the end of the year. Then they move to Rosedale and Brentwood.

. They are using a “shallow trenching” method which requires an approximately 6” wide trench be cut into the street right where the street and curb gutter meet. Depth of the cut will be 6-12”.

. At every other house, they’ll need to cut through the curb and bury the fiber in the right-of-way. It’ll be left there as a 12” spool; this way, when a resident orders Google Fiber it’ll be readily available to extend to the house.

. City of Austin staff has marked all utility lines. However, the markings are occasionally wrong. When that happens, the contractors will need to “pot-hole,” or dig to locate the utility lines.

. It should take about 1 day / block to dig the trench, lay the fiber, and then clean up.

. Watch for a door hanger! When one appears on your door, construction will begin on your street in 48 hours. The street must be clear so construction can proceed. Cars left in the way of construction will be towed away and then brought back; there are no charges for the tow.

. Irrigation systems: if they damage one, they will repair it or will reimburse the owner for the repair expense. NSCNA hopes to have flags available for neighbors to use to mark irrigation lines.

. Please notify Google of any problems with their contractors. Phone #: 877-454-6959.

. Pricing: Internet only. $70/mt.

For more information, call Google Fiber at (877) 454-6959 or go to


Google Fiber Installation Has Begun In North Shoal Creek