NSCNA History

NSCNA History

Eventually, this will contain a historical description of the neighborhood from the 1960’s when the first tracts of land were developed for residential homes, to the expansion of the neighborhood to the north.

The area bounded by Burnet Road, Mopac, Anderson Lane and Research Blvd has been known by a number of names: Northtowne, Northtowne West, Allandale Estates, Allandale Place, Northwest Terrace and Cottages of North Shoal Creek. Each name represents a different subdivision area of development that as a whole constitutes the North Shoal Creek Neighborhood.

A map of each subdivision and the dates when they were built. (Click map to enlarge)

You can also view our interactive map here.

You can also watch the growth of the neighborhood graphically on Trulia’s website.

We also have a copy of a full page advertisement from the October 23rd, 1966 Austin American Statesman newspaper of the Allandale Estates development. (Thanks to Margaret Schuenemann for keeping the original)

Also an advertisement for Cottages at North Shoal Creek.

This page will also contain historical information regarding the NSCNA group which was formed in late 1979/early 1980.

We have a list of past officers of the NSCNA located here.

Here is a 1960’s photo of Margaret and Lee Schuenemann’s house on Stanwood Drive surrounded by a huge field… This area is now completely filled with our neighborhood.
Lonely House

Later views of that same house can be viewed here and here

Prior to the development of North Shoal Creek Estates (1997 to 1999) that area was undeveloped land well known as a large field of bluebonnets in the spring.  Three photographs of the area taken by the late Claudell Migl can be viewed by these links:  bluebonnets 1, bluebonnets 2 and bluebonnets 3