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  • We’ve been asked to notify the neighbors that our County Commissioner (Sarah Eckhardt) will be available to listen to concerns tomorrow at a coffee shop nearby. We have been asked to, “Come share ideas focusing on local policy and politics.”

    Wednesday, 8:00am March 21st at Texpresso
    2700 West Anderson Lane, Austin
    (in the Alamo DraftHouse center near Burnet on Anderson)

    Keep up-to-date – check out the website at www.saraheckhardt.com
    Third Wednesday at 8am in coffee houses throughout Travis County.

  • NSCNA By-Laws

    The By-Laws of the North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association are now online for anyone to read.

    You can find the document here or on the Yahoo group in the “Files” section.

    UPDATE: Claudell sent me a copy of the NSCNA Articles of Incorporation. You can view it here.

  • During Malcolm’s presentation Tuesday night, he mentioned three documents that concern the Northcross Mall redevelopment.

    The first document was a compiled list of concerns put together by the NSCNA. The data in this document was taken from the votes tallied from the December 19th special meeting at Covenant Presbyterian Church.

    You can read this NSCNA concerns document here.

    The second document is from the City of Austin. They requested that the neighborhood associations send them their lists of concerns. The city analyzed the received concerns and compiled a proposed term sheet.

    You can read this proposed term sheet here.

    The third document is a 2005 Traffic report that studied the traffic patterns around the Northcross Mall area. It is a huge document and unfortunately, Malcolm was only given a hard copy. He is working to obtain a digital copy for us to put online for those interested in reading.

    UPDATE: Malcolm had the document scanned in for your viewing pleasure. Here it is. Thanks Malcolm!

  • The minutes from the January 23rd general meeting were passed out at Tuesday’s general meeting and approved by those assembled.

    For those who missed these meetings, you can read the minutes here.

    Minutes for last Tuesday’s meeting will be posted as soon as I receive them.


  • Helene Maham presented the treasury report for the first quarter of 2007. You can view it here:

    Or view it here.