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    Hi, my name is Chris Jones and I am going to be revamping the North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association website over the next few weeks.

    I am currently working on modifying the existing website that Alyssa Hedge put together.

    If you have any suggestions for improvements you would like to see here, please feel free to email me at webmaster @ nscna dot org.

  • Josh is obtaining a list or map of block captains so that we can help recruit more block captains where needed. That’s going to be the key to having a successful safety committee agenda – we need those people to communicate to all the residents the importance of reporting to 911 and 311 and obtaining a report number. Doing so will allow us to have a better database of information for the whole neighborhood to tap into so that we know what’s going on with crime in our own neighborhood boundaries.

    Merlene and Bob Waters have agreed to host the next safety committee meeting and since we had trouble meeting together at the last one, hopefully we can get together soon when we have the block captain info to share. More details later.

    If you would like to see how this works, you can look www.nscna.org and look on the right hand side of the screen for a link that says APD’s Crime Database. Once you click on that link you will be on the home page for APD.

    1. Choose Current Crime Information, then choose Crime Viewer. This will bring up a map.

    2. Choose the first icon below the map which says Area Search then select the neighborhood assn: North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Assn. The search will initially bring up totals for various crimes.

    3. If you want to see where all the burglaries of a vehicle occurred, press that and it will bring up a listing of the date, block, time and whether it occurred at a residence or a business.
    Here are some great contacts that I would like everyone to have on the Safety Committee. Keep them handy. You may need them someday.

    North Central Area Command (IDA Sector) Lanier High School
    1201 Payton Gin Road Assistant
    Chief: Robert Dahlstrom
    Commander: Al Eelz (pronouced elz)
    Prosecutor Assigned to IDA Sector: Cliff Brown

    A.C.E. Public Nuisance Abatement Unit: Steve Oswalt
    Lt: Randy Pasley (pronounced paisley)
    Lt of Night Shift: John Hutto
    Sergeant: William Beechinor 873-1295
    District Reps:
    *James Hellums 834-7501 james.hellums@ci.austin.tx.us
    Dale Cooper 834-7513
    Juan Zaccheus 834-7456
    Michael Young 834-7419
    Admin: Kay Vargas 974-5722 kay.vargas@ci.austin.tx.us
    Also, here is a link to the Austin City Council members. There may be issues that are coming before the Council that we want to have some input on. By using this link and clicking on each council members name, you can email each member if you so desire. This website also is a good source of information for topics to be discussed/voted on at each meeting. The council is currently considering some new ordinances regarding panhandling and parking on lawns.

  • The Beautification Commitee recently planted this garden for a deserving neighbor! What a lovely addition to the neighborhood!

    New garden planted on Daleview

  • Congratulations to Tina Huckabee at 8709 Stillwood for winning the October Yard of the Month!

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