NSCNA Committees

The NSCNA committees help the organization by planning neighborhood projects and bringing important issues to the board of directors and to membership for discussion. Committee membership is open to all NSCNA members. We encourage you to join us!

Standing Committees

The Membership Committee is involved in neighborhood outreach. Members of the committee help to organizing and implement membership drives for NSCNA. Committee members help to contact as many neighbors as possible within the North Shoal Creek boundaries to explain the benefits of being an NSCNA member. Membership Committee representatives are present at meetings and social activities throughout the year to visit with, listen to, and welcome all North Shoal Creek neighbors. Contact membershipchair@nscna.org to join this committee.

The Media Committee is responsible for keeping the NSCNA residents informed on current neighborhood issues. Committee activities include the publication of a neighborhood newsletter and posting news and event announcements on our blog at nscna.org, as well as on Nextdoor and Facebook. The media committee also helps to maintain and improve the association website (nscna.org). Contact mediachair@nscna.org to join this committee.

The Bylaws Committee is tasked with improving the current bylaws. In 2008, the Bylaws Committee worked to revise the NSCNA bylaws to bring it up to date with current State and Federal Law as well as clarify a number of issues that were not well defined in the previous 1998 Bylaws. Our Bylaws were further amended in 2009, 2010 and 2014. Contact bylawschair@nscna.org to join this committee.

The Beautification Committee plans neighborhood projects and events that help to improve the look and health of the neighborhood. Projects include creek clean-up days, seeding and planting workshops, installing murals, and educating residents on best practices for home and yard maintenance. Contact beautificationchair@nscna.org to join this committee.

The Development Committee works with the City of Austin and neighboring business and residential developments to find a balance between our neighborhood quality of life and the needs of the development community. Committee members gather information on proposed and pending new developments around or near our neighborhood that will potentially impact quality of life. Contact developmentchair@nscna.org to join this committee.

The Safety Committee works to establish relationships between residents, local government, and commercial property owners to have an ongoing dialogue about common safety issues such as crime and emergency preparedness. Committee members work with local government entities such as law enforcement, Austin Energy, and AISD to identify trends and strategies for keeping residents safe. Contact safetychair@nscna.org to join this committee.

The Social Committee plans and hosts social events throughout the year that help to build a sense of community in the neighborhood. Committee members help to organize annual events such as the neighborhood-wide garage sale, the 4th of July parade, and a luminaria walk in December at Pillow School Park. Contact socialchair@nscna.org to join this committee.

The Traffic Committee helps to identify traffic problems associated with vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians throughout the neighborhood, and works closely with the City of Austin to develop well-planned solutions to existing and future traffic problems. Contact trafficchair@nscna.org to join this committee.

Special Committees

The North Shoal Creek Community Garden is a special committee of NSCNA composed of members of the community garden. If you would like to join the NSCNA Community Garden contact gardenchair@nscna.org to ask about any open garden plots. For more information about the community garden see nscna.org/garden

The Nominating Committee is tasked with recommending at least one candidate for each of the four Officer positions and seven Director positions prior to the January meeting of the association where these positions are elected by the general membership. The Nominating Committee attempts to balance membership of the Board of Directors with respect to demographics, areas of expertise, occupations, and geographic residence. Come to our fall membership meeting to join this committee.