We are a committee actively involved in working with neighboring business developments to find a balance between our neighborhood quality of life and the needs of the business community.

What do we see as important quality of life issues?

  • How through traffic affects our streets
  • The impact certain businesses may have on crime
  • Issues related to businesses that may back up to single residential housing
  • Ensuring that walkability is raised as a key issue as our neighborhood develops
  • The overall impact each business will have on our neighborhood

What do we do?

  • Negotiate with the Planning Commission, the City of Austin and developers
  • Meet with our neighbors to better understand and communicate their needs
  • Serve as a liaison between NSCNA and business developers

We know we can’t control everything that happens around our neighborhood. However, by working together with the city and developers, we have a much better chance of finding common ground and creating a place where we all will be proud to live, work and play.

Come Join Us:
If you would like to be involved in what’s happening now with our neighborhood and what will be happening in our future, please join us. Our area is prime business real estate at the moment and we’re working on some very exciting projects.

Please contact DevelopmentChair [at] nscna [dot] org with any questions, or if you are interested in joining this committee.

Proposed Projects That Will Impact Our Neighborhood:

8100 Burnet Road