Winter Preparedness

Post by Adam Powell, NSCNA Vice President

Howdy Neighbors!

Winter is upon us, and if you’re like me you’re concerned about the possibility of another winter emergency like we experienced last January and with Winter Storm Uri in 2021. Hopefully, we won’t experience another weather event like that at all, or even better, our grid will be stable if we do. That said, it’s always best to be prepared for the worst case scenario. I’m here to help! 

Here are some of the most important recommendations that I’ve compiled from various sources, all of which I have linked at the bottom of this blog post. I highly, highly recommend clicking through those sources as well to be fully prepared – don’t take my word as gospel!

  • City of Austin Medically Vulnerable Registry: This is a program for City of Austin Utilities customers created to ensure that medically vulnerable individuals are supported in the case of a power outage. You can learn more about the criteria for this program and sign up at this link:
  • Sign Up for Alerts: It’s very important to receive the most up to date information in the event of an emergency. The city is recommending that everyone signs up for alerts specific to your location through
  • Follow City Utility Social Media: Austin Energy and Austin Water have accounts on most social media platforms where they provide specific updates in the case of an emergency. I recommend following them on whatever social media platforms that you’re active on. 
  • Bookmark the Online Outage Map: Austin Energy has put a lot of effort towards improving their outage map given its shortcomings in January 2023’s winter storm. Bookmark it at this link to be ready to quickly access it if needed:
  • Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit: Don’t wait until the nightmare forecast airs on the news, shop for the materials you need now! The city has created an emergency supply kit checklist in multiple languages here:
  • Make an Emergency Communication Plan: It may sound simple, but in a moment of emergency it’s best to have an established plan for who you’ll reach out to and what you’ll do. Austin public health has helpful guide to Family Communication in case of an emergency:

I hope this information is helpful, and that the North Shoal Creek Neighborhood is the most prepared neighborhood in Austin this winter! Feel free to pass this post along to anyone who finds it useful across the city. 

Sources and Further Resources

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Winter Preparedness