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  • A big THANK YOU to those neighbors
    that assisted with the 4th of July
    Parade and events!We appreciate the hard work of:

    • Sandy Perkins
    • Trish & Kayla Ryan
    • Margaret Murray Miller
    • Dallas & Helene Maham
    • Barry Galloway & the congregation of Grapevine Church

  • The City of Austin has a water waste ordinance in effect year-round. If you see any of the violations below, please call the anonymous Water Waste Hotline at 512-974-2199. Below are a list of violations to report:

  • June Newsletter

    Click below to read the June Newsletter that was delivered around the neighborhood last week.

    June Newsletter

    Thanks to Alyssa and everyone who contributed.

  • For those of you who attended the 4th of July parade this year, if you have any photos to share, feel free to email them to me at webmaster @ nscna dot org. I will put together a gallery for everyone to enjoy.


  • The City of Austin and a team of land planning, urban design and transportation consultants are undertaking a neighborhood planning process for the North Burnet/Gateway Planning Area.

    The boundaries for the planning area are: Walnut Creek on the north, Metric Boulevard on the east, US 183 on the south and southwest, and Loop 1 (MOPAC) and Braker Lane on the west.

    The planning committee is currently taking input from the community in the form of a 10 minute survey. It consists of mostly photos of existing retail centers, apartment complexes, rail stations and intersections and asks you to rate them on a -5 to 5 scale.

    The survey is located here