Zoom Meeting Dec. 9 About Redevelopment Of 8440 Burnet

Please join us Thursday, December 9 to learn more about the redevelopment of 8440 Burnet.

The North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association (NSCNA) will host a Zoom meeting with representatives from Armbrust & Brown, the law firm representing Endeavor Real Estate Group, owner of the Spectrum Center at 8440 Burnet Road. Endeavor plans to redevelop that center into a 60-foot tall apartment complex of 355 to 375 units.

The meeting will be held Thursday, December 9, beginning at 7 pm, and is planned as an opportunity for neighborhood residents to learn more about the project and to ask questions about it.

If you want to attend this Zoom meeting, please send an email to media [at] nscna [dot] org. You’ll be sent a link prior to the meeting that you can use to join the meeting and take part in the Q&A.


NSCNA’s Board of Directors held a Zoom meeting with representatives from Armbrust & Brown and Endeavor at the Board’s November 18  meeting. Here are NSCNA President Kevin Wier’s notes from that meeting:

-Originally 399 units, now 375

-Wrapped style with units wrapped around the parking; parking will be in the middle, with residential units wrapped around the parking

-Access only on Burnet Rd., basically the same curb cuts as exist now

-Max. 70% building coverage; Max. 80% impervious cover

-Class A apartments

-Filed for MF-6  (high density [KW note: city staff: downtown zoning]) unencumbered for up to 90 feet height; city staff recommended 60 feet max. height, felt is was more appropriate to the area.

-Up to 5 stories

-all multifamily

-60-70% will be 1 BR; the rest will be 2 BR

-no affordable units

-sidewalk/by street area will follow city code, so wider sidewalks, 12 ft. pedestrian zone in front of buiding

-1.2 cars per unit, about 450 cars

-will be less traffic than current use

-Trip generation: current = 3400/day; in a fully occupied scenario of the original 399 units the trips would be 1,273, but since the aim now is for approx.. 375 units, it will be a bit less than 1,273.

-public meeting December 14 with the Planning Commission

-will be in front of city council in the end of January if all goes well

-It will take 3-5 years for it to be 100% completed. Tenants leases have to expire and then it takes 2 years to build.


Zoom Meeting Dec. 9 About Redevelopment Of 8440 Burnet