New Sidewalks Planned For North Shoal Creek

This map, from the City of Austin’s 2022 Mobility Annual Plan, shows in green sidewalks to be constructed in North Shoal Creek in 2022 and in red sidewalks to be constructed between 2023 and 2025. For more information about the City’s Mobility Annual Plan, including an interactive map showing what projects are planned throughout Austin, please use this link:  Mobility Annual Plan | Open Data | City of Austin Texas

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New Permitting, Notification and Inspection Procedures Required for Demolition
The City of Austin Development Services Department (DSD) wants to ensure area contractors and demolition customers have the information and resources needed to comply with new project requirements, which went into effect October 1, 2021.
Please familiarize yourself with the new permitting procedures and notification requirements before proceeding with your demolition project(s).
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Zoom Meeting Dec. 9 About Redevelopment Of 8440 Burnet

Please join us Thursday, December 9 to learn more about the redevelopment of 8440 Burnet.

The North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association (NSCNA) will host a Zoom meeting with representatives from Armbrust & Brown, the law firm representing Endeavor Real Estate Group, owner of the Spectrum Center at 8440 Burnet Road. Endeavor plans to redevelop that center into a 60-foot tall apartment complex of 355 to 375 units.

The meeting will be held Thursday, December 9, beginning at 7 pm, and … Read More

FYI Re: Summer Construction Along Burnet Road

From the City of Austin’s Corridor Program Office regarding construction this summer along Burnet Road:

“Thank you for your interest in the Burnet Road corridor! We have some exciting projects kicking off and wrapping up this summer that will implement critical safety and mobility improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Braker Lane: Construction of sidewalks at, and near, the Burnet Road/Braker Lane intersection is expected to wrap up this month, pending any weather delays. The prioritized pedestrian and bicycle improvements … Read More


NSCNA’s Development Committee is fighting to keep our North Shoal Creek neighborhood plan intact in the revised Land Development Code. So far, our efforts haven’t paid off. Now, we’re asking that all North Shoal Creek residents email the Austin City Council, asking them to reinstate our neighborhood plan’s zoning for two areas: Buell Ave. Live/Work District and Rockwood south of Steck. Here’s an explanation of why we’re asking this and a sample letter you can use if you don’t want

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Protesting Your Property’s Proposed Zoning

Council just passed Draft 2 of Austin’s revised Land Development Code. There’s still one more vote – to be held in late March or early April — to go. Here’s what happens to single-family housing in North Shoal Creek:


  • 26 homes on Rockwood, Boxdale, Firwood and Steck are rezoned to R4.
  • R4 is the least intense transition zoning and allows for up to 8 units per lot.
  • All other single-family homes in North Shoal Creek are rezoned to R2A.
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Land Development Code (LDC) Update From NSCNA’s Development Committee

• Wed., Dec. 11, 2019 — Austin City Council votes 7-4 to approve the LDC on first reading, with Alter, Kitchen, Pool, and Tovo voting no. Council Member Pool offers an amendment to recognize the right of property owners to protest LDC zoning changes. Her amendment fails 4-7, with Alter, Kitchen, Pool, and Tovo voting in favor.

• Thurs., Dec. 12, 2019 — A group of 19 homeowners sue the city, asking that Council’s approval of the rewrite be invalidated … Read More

Mixed-Use, Main Street, and Industrial Zones in North Shoal Creek Under the Proposed LDC

MU5A: High-intensity multi-use residential, office, service, retail, and entertainment uses

MU5B: high intensity residential & commercial, including storage and auto-related businesses

  •             Minimum lot size: 5,000 sq. ft.  if multifamily; 48 dwelling units/acre + unlimited AHBP (Affordable Housing Bonus Program)
  •             Minimum lot size: 1,800 sq. ft. live/work or townhouse; 24 dwelling units/acre; no AHBP
  •            Setbacks from property lines: 5’ front – 5’ side street – 0’ side-0’ rear
  •             Compatibility setbacks <75’ wide lot: 5-5-15-30
  •                                                       >75’ wide lot: 5-5-20-30
  •             Height max. :
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An overview of multifamily zoning in North Shoal Creek under the proposed land development code

North Shoal Creek is zoned to contain 3 of the 5 zoning codes proposed for multifamily areas in the draft LDC. Please see the map below for the locations of our neighborhood’s multifamily zones.

RM2 (the triplexes and fourplexes on Mossrock & Dawnridge Circle):

  •             Min. lot size for a multifamily dwelling: 5,000 sq. ft.
  •             Min. lot size for a live/work dwelling or townhouse: 1,800 sq. ft.
  •             Number of dwelling units per acre: 24 base, with an additional 36/acre under
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